11-13 Yunak Str., 1612 Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 2 419 1 419


Sisizar offers a complete package of services related to the accounting and tax advisory necessities of any entity. We implement a proactive approach by reviewing, rather than just processing all information we work with. Our experts are highly engaged in defining the needs and requirements of our clients, thus ensuring an efficient and straightforward communication, related to our services.

The main focus of our committed to excellence team is to facilitate maximum flexibility with regards to meeting your requirements and expectations while saving your precious time and efforts.

Why us?

  • We collect all monthly documentation from your sites
  • We collect your monthly bank account statements from your branch
  • We file everything to the National Revenue Agency (NRA) electronically
  • We prepare all money orders online
  • We prepare and send your invoices on your behalf
  • We keep track of your receivables
  • We keep track of any missing invoices and records
  • We keep you updated for important changes in legislation
  • We make sure your accounts and reports are accurate
  • We reduce your taxes by using expedient loopholes in the current legislation
  • We always respond in a timely manner
  • We always care for your business success
  • We advise you in your relations with financial institutions, investment management and other financial matters