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Tax Advisory

One of the major problems every business, no matter how small or big, has to face is dealing with taxes. This is a very complex problem that requires knowledgeable and experienced help from a professional. Letting the experts in the field handle this issue would save you and your organization a lot of valuable time and effort.

We can provide you with a comprehensive tax advisory service, depending on your specific needs. We will handle all tax documents and tax return forms. In addition, our experienced tax consultants will gladly advice you and recommend an optimal solution for every tax problem your business faces.

Working with us will optimize your tax costs, ensuring you receive the best value and the most focused service. Our extensive experience in dealing with tax regulations will ensure that your tax records are fully compliant with the Bulgarian legislation.

Tax protection

In today’s fast going business environment, visiting the offices of the local tax authorities would be a waste of precious time. We at Sisizar completely understand that and provide a full tax representation and protection services.

With simply power of attorney basis, we provide acting for our clients in the contact with any local offices, saving their time that would be wasted in dealing with local bureaucracy that is often demanding and prolonged. The service includes the following:

  • Company representation before the local authorities
  • Preparation and submission of documents in connection to tax inspections, VAT refunds and cross–references
  • Other

Tax planning

At Sisizar we believe that one of the primary objectives of all businesses shall be the reducing of tax liability in a legitimate way. Our taxation specialists would work with you and for your company to keep your corporate tax bill as low as possible.

Estimating taxes and foreseeing the tax impact on the organization is vital for every business. These considerations should play a role in every financial decision you take. Sisizar can help you to masterfully plan and estimate your business taxes, and to act accordingly:

  • Tax planning and assessment of the current tax situation, as well as annual tax assessment in connection with the year-end closure of the company’s accounts
  • Consultation and assistance with the Corporate Income Taxation Act (CITA), Value Added Taxation Act (VATA), Social Security and Labor Code (SSLC), and all other taxation laws and regulations
  • Estate planning, property tax services, and advice about all customs and excise duties

If you don’t see the information that you are interested in please contact us.

If you don’t see the information that you are interested in please contact us.