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Incorporation & Tax Services

Our legal professionals work closely with each of the functional disciplines within Sisizar providing legal advice relating to all aspects of a client’s business. We deliver legal services in areas which are most important for today’s businesses operating both on domestic and international markets.

We are able to provide a package of legal services covering all aspects of corporate structuring and commercial activities. To find out more about a particular service select a category from the list on the left.

Company registration

If you wish to establish your own company or a branch of a foreign legal entity, you need not to spend many hours anymore, by studying the necessary legislative, nor you need to go through the process of prolonged communication with local officers at the Commercial Registry, Tax offices, lawyers or notaries.

You can simply entrust your company establishment to us and we will provide the following services for you:

  • consultations about most suitable company legal form and ensuing full registration service
  • communication with competent institutions and offices
  • compilation of articles of partnership and other legal documents that are necessary for the purposes of company establishment and its entrance into the Commercial register
  • opening of escrow account and depositing company equity

Transformations and changes in the Commercial register

If you are willing to change the legal form or in case of any changes that took place in your company, Sisizar shall provide you with legal consulting in the context with the implementation of the changes. Moreover, we will not waste your time for giving directions regarding the implementation processes and will perform all operations on your behalf.

Our service covers the following levels of changes:

  • Business name of the company
  • Seat address of the company
  • capital assets of the company
  • executives and partners
  • legal form transformation and others


The company liquidation is not as easy as most people perceptions. The difficult and prolonged process is engaged to the preparation of legal and accounting documents as well as wasting valuable time in the respective local authorities.

We at Sisizar are able to provide you with complex service package in regard to the implementation of all legal, accounting and tax obligations that have to be fulfilled in connection with the difficult liquidation process, including:

  • Submission of the notification for the company liquidation into the respective Commercial register
  • Publication of the company liquidation in the Official Gazette and notification of relevant authorities
  • Preparation of tax return and financial statements for the period prior the liquidation
  • Preparation of tax return and financial statements for the period of liquidation
  • Assistance in terminating existing contracts, if appropriate
  • Assistance in obtaining all approvals and confirmations in connection with the company cancellation
  • Providing company deletion from the Commercial Register
  • Submission of the tax return and financial statements for the period of liquidation to the tax authorities

Registered address

Registered seat belongs to inevitable conditions of establishment and operation of a company. Our service has its advantages and it is serviceable mostly to foreign clients, who needs to:

  • quickly start up their business in Bulgaria
  • are not familiar with the local legislation
  • their business activities does not require to have their own office space.

Our service package contains of:

  • compilation of any legal documents that are necessary for the purposes of registration of the corporate seat into the Commercial register
  • acceptation and deposit of the client's correspondence
  • forwarding of the correspondence to a pre-defined address or e-mailing the correspondence after being scanned
  • acting for the client in the contact with local administration authorities, institutions, and business partners

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